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Performance Matters' Salon Series: Educator Viewpoints on Personalized Professional Learning offers a fresh way for K-12 school district leaders to engage in ongoing, open, constructive, true-to-life, energizing dialogue to propel the creation of more personalized professional learning climates for teachers. Each "episode" of the 2016 Salon Series highlights a key aspect of crafting a personalized professional learning environment – with topical reports that unpack the insights gleaned from the Performance Matters-sponsored Personalized Professional Learning Survey and focused interactions about what has and hasn't worked best – and how to move forward into a future with more actionable, meaningful, and personalized professional learning for educators.

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Personalizing PD: The Choice and Relevance Imperative

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Episode 1 April 2016

Personalized Professional Learning Today

“Amp” up your ability to deliver actionable, meaningful, and personalized professional learning by diving into the survey highlights in this first episode of the Salon Series. You may be surprised at the pitfalls and practices that make a difference.

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Episode 2 June 2016

Practices and Processes: How Policies and Automation Shape Success

District practices and processes can be your friends as you “amp” up the personalized professional learning climate of your district. What are the best practices in terms of policies and processes that help leaders create a personalized professional learning environment? 

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Episode 3 August 2016

Trust and Respect: Must-Have Attitudes

Respect and trust are the bedrocks of a successful personalized professional learning initiative. Is there trust today? What steps can you take to build more trust and respect into the process? 

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Episode 4 October 2016

Relevance and Choice: Personalization Imperatives

The survey shows a clear disconnect between teacher and leader views on the importance of relevance and choice. What are potential ways to ensure these are at the core of teacher professional learning programs? 

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November 2016
Episode 5 November 2016

Time and PD Options: Making the Most of Them

Get a birds-eye view into teacher and leader perspectives on time and access to personalized professional development options – and how to make the most of them.

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December 2016
Episode 6 December 2016

Bringing It All Together: Making It REAL – Relevant, Engaging, Aligned Learning

Let’s bring together all we learn about the practices and pitfalls in making personalized professional learning REAL – Relevant, Engaging, Aligned Learning for educators.

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